Watch The Trailer For ‘Ip Man: Kung Fu Master’

by Tito W. James

As a diehard fan of 2008’s Ip Man staring Donnie Yen, I was curious as to what was next for Wing Chun Kung Fu Master. The film series starring Yen as the real life martial arts legend recently concluded with Ip Man 4 — and while there were some spectacular fights in the Ip Man sequels, the story decreased in quality.

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master appears to be a full-on reboot with new actor Yu-Hang To taking the leading role. The film is tonally more fantastic with a focus on axe fights and masked martial artists. This more fantastic take might be fresh direction for the franchise. The original Ip Man is a masterpiece, so it remains to be seen if Ip Man: Kung Fu Master can hold its own in the arena.

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