‘The Beano’ Publish A Satirical Pull Out For Adults In This Week’s Issue

by Olly MacNamee

The Beano continues to entertain the children of Britain even 82 years on from its original publication, but this week’s issue is a little different. This week’s issue is aimed at the parents of those children who usually read it too  with plenty of pithy satire aimed squarely at familiar figures from UK public life in an all-new pullout section.

As well as taking pot-shots at our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – a character more suited in The Dandy’s ‘Lord Snotty’ strip – The Guardian this morning reports that it also includes famous faces such as Greta Thurnberg and Captain Tom Moore (who at the age of 100 raised £33 million for the NHS with a sponsored walk that really captured the public’s imagination earlier this year in the grip of our rigid lockdown) and Marcus Rashford (a young Manchester United player who held the government to account for their failure to feed starving kids during recent school holidays).

The BeanOLD pull out supplement to be found in the regular kids’ oriented The Beano, out today in the UK, and comes from advice The Beano gained from a focus group of young readers they call the ‘Beano Brain‘. A group of readers who advise the writers on trends amongst kids across the UK. And, this is the result. A comic that may be aimed at adults but will be devoured by their kids too as it includes some of the bigger and more absurd stories of the year.

In many ways The Beano is the bastion of the great British comic book tradition of rebels and auto-establishment figures such s Dennis the Menace, so what better comic to poke fun at the Establishment and their one rule breakers scub as the Prime-Minister’s own lockdown breaking Dominic Cummings who, until last Friday, wielded a greater power than many behind the PM’s throne before his sacking. Er, sorry, “resignation”. He pops up frequently, even if he isn’t supposed to, mocking his own rule-breaking during the summer when he seemed to break the rules he helped draw up for the government.

Anarchy in the UK? No, just in The Beano.

The Beano #4062 is out today from DC Thompson

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