Something For The Weekend: Our Pick Of Popular Posts From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

It’s that time of the day when you may be thinking of unwinding and kicking back. As ever we’re here to help with a wide selection of popular post from the past week to keep you entertained.

Welcome to ‘Something for the Weekend’:

  1. Last weekend we brought you a good deal of coverage from one of the UK’s most favoured comic book festivals here in the UK, Thought Bubble, that delivered a selection of impressive video interviews and presentations. You can catch up with all this year’s coverage here and catch up with all this year’s videos on Thought Bubble’s YouTube channel here.
  2. This week we also brought you an interview with Mark Russell in which we talked about Billionaire Island as well as the forthcoming Second Coming sequel, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son, coming from AHOY Comics this December. You can catch our chat here.
  3. We also spoke with creators Paul Hanley and Ian Richardson about their new Kickstarter campaign for The Unthinkables; a comic book all about super villains saving the Earth when all the capes mysteriously drop dead! Check out out three-way conversation again here.
  4. As well as comic book related features, we also brought you the trailer for IP Man: Kung Fu Master. A new movie and a new actor playing IP Man in this re-boot. Watch it again, or for the first time, here.
  5. Tito W James brought us a look at new post-pandemic themed short film The Cure here.
  6. EiC Erik Amaya also brought us news this week that DC Comics’ Future State character Wonder Girl is to be adapted for TV even before she appears in a comic book. Check out the full story here.
  7. Rachel Bellwoar continued her review of classic but often overlooked films this week with a review of I Start Counting, out now on Blu-Ray and reviewed here.
  8. We posted another round of reviews this week, with popular titles including an advance review of Home Sick Pilots #1 (here), We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #3 (reviews by Brendan M Allen here) and a look back at Crowded in regular new feature, ‘New to You Comics’ coming from Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen (here).
  9. Richard Bruton brought us a preview of 2000 AD’s first all-ages collection, 2000 AD Rengened here.
  10. And, we’ll leave you with the feel good news that Hollywood heavyweights Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds were successful with their bid for small town Wrexham AFC. The Mighty Ducks of the soccer world! You can read it all here!

That’s quite the selection, and enough to keep you busy for a little while this weekend. Enjoy now, as it’ll soon be Monday again!


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