Heavy Metal Launches Opus Music Comics Imprint With Incendium

by James Ferguson

Heavy Metal Entertainment has launched Opus, a music comics imprint focused on heavy, alternative, and guitar-based music. Incendium CEO, Llexi Leon will oversee the imprint as Editor and act as Director of Music Partnerships for Heavy Metal, while also continuing his role at Incendium.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together. They have also produced action figures, apparel, statues, pinball machines, musical instruments, and other premium products. While nothing specific has been announced for Opus just yet, Heavy Metal promises dozens of properties coming for 2021 and beyond.

“Incendium is committed to building lasting partnerships with musicians, developing intellectual property and breaking the mould in marketing and merchandising. One goal of Opus in particular is to shine a light on the heroes of heavy music and present them to a wider audience. We’ll be exploring some of the most memorable mascots from album art for the first time in a narrative medium, and in many cases supporting those stories with action figures, games, and collectibles – bringing the worlds of record sleeves to life for the fans and treating them with the same reverence as mainstream comic book heroes,” says Leon. “Working with Heavy Metal is always a pleasure as we have tremendous appreciation for the brands history, and of course by aligning with Matt Medney and his team for this endeavour we share in the incredibly rich and diverse roster of talent that Heavy Metal has to offer in the comics medium.”

Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Madney adds, “Incendium’s work in the music space, specifically the metal and rock worlds, is exceptional. Our experience with them has been enormously positive, and to expand into publishing with a host of amazing bands is a no-brainer. Opus is going to be the bridge between hard rock and Heavy Metal.”

“These are often characters that fans have known for years, maybe they’ve got the T-shirt and the poster on the wall, but beyond a single image they’ve never really seen them in action or been able to get below the surface to understand their origins or the extent of their abilities,” adds Leon. “Incendium has always been a focused lifestyle brand riffing on Myths, Monsters, and Metal – the Opus imprint is a natural extension of that mandate, creating all new mythology with our favourite musicians as collaborators.”

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