Showdowns And Reckonings Sets The Scenes For Future Fun: ‘Chu’ #5 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


While Chu #5 is the concluding issue of this manic and mad funny book, with the news of further adventures starring Saffron Chu, this final issue does away with an explosive climax but does a great job of moving the story on. By the end of the book Saffron has learn a lot. Just none of it good, I imagine.


You really can’t choose your family, can you? We learnt that in Chew and we’re certainly getting another lesson in this concluding issue of Chu.

Tony and Saffron go at it, and then some. But, as anyone reading this fun and frantic mini-series will know, Saffron Chu is easy to like. And, she has her fan club in this issue too. With one fan in particular helping her out when she’s in tough spot. But, a spot from which she learns a lot. After all, she is a cibopar and thereby able to glean secrets from those she shares a meal with. Even if she still has the worst taste in men. 

As this is the final issue of the first story-arc, it’s tough one to comment on in advance. Especially as it’s a tale of two parts. The conclusion to the threatened showdown between siblings Tony and Saffron brings its own consequences, which then lead into the second half of this book and the aftermath. But, with the news that we will be seeing Saffron again soon, I imagine writer John Layman’s initial plans were reshuffled. It certainly reads like a comic book that ain’t over yet, but one that’s on a break, Y’know, like Ross and Rachel.

As ever Dan Boultwood has made this title his own with a style of artwork that leans heavily into the more animated, but one most suitable for the daftness that inhabits each and every issue. The juxtaposition of animated art but adult language and themes works so well!

Oh, and do stick around and flick past those pesky but necessary adverts for a post-credit sequence, I nearly missed myself. It sets up the forthcoming new series nicely and will leave you with a smile on your face and a hope in your heat for more Chu!

Overall, this has been a frantic, fast, furious and fun series that any Chew fan will lap up, if they haven’t yet. Layman’s dark humour and knowing winks to the readership encourages us to join him on the ride. He’s a writer who has a wicked sense of humour, and keen eye for genre parody and a great line in character and dialogue. Add to this the talents of Boultwood and you have one of the funnier books of the year. And, let’s face it, we all need a laugh after this year, right? So, why not do yourself the favour and hunt down the full five issue, or pick ‘em up when they’re collect this January from Image Comics.

Chu #5 is out Wednesday 25th November from Image Comics

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