90s ‘Savage Dragon’ Animated Show Available Now To Stream On Peacock

by Olly MacNamee

Savage Dragon was once adapted as a cartoon series back in the 90s when Image Comics were a super, super hot new property. And while I have watched the Sam Keith and MTV adaption of The Maxx I’ve never seen any if the Savage Dragon show as it never did make it over here to the UK. Or if it did, I don’t remember. But then they do say that if you remember the 90s you weren’t there.

Anyhow, the full show is available in its entirety for fans to binge watch at their leisure.

The Savage Dragon TV show debuted in 1995 and ran for 26 episodes over two seasons. It was the only show on the USA Network channel renewed for a second season and its appearance on Peacock this past summer marked its first official release for home entertainment from NBC Universal, some 25 years after its pilot’s initial airdate.

Plus, for fans, it will mean they no longer have to watch fuzzy, half-episodes at a time on YouTube, like this one:

So, if you are a fan, then maybe find it out on Peacock now.

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