DC Comics Announce ‘Challenge Of The Super Sons’ This December As A DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Max Raynor are to bring the further adventures of Superboy and Robin back next month. And this time premiering digitally with an all-new series at 99 cents an issue. Also helping out on art duty on this new book, Challenge of the Super Sons  will be Jorge Corona (We Are Robin) and Evan Stanley.

It’s the first new DC Digital First series since DCeased: Hope at Worlds End, when once we were promised a daily digital release. Are DC Comics current plans for digital first titles slowing down a bit? Especially with so much of the first wave being reprints from Wallmart’s DC Giants.

“Picking up where Tomasi’s sensational Super Sonand Adventures of the Super Sons left off, Damian and Jon— the assassin-trained son of Batman and the boy-next-door son of Superman — tackle their greatest threat ever: the deadly DOOM SCROLL. Whoever (whomever? We can never tell) has their name inscribed on this ancient and magical parchment will be killed post-haste. Now, the evil powers-that-be have written the names of the Justice League on the deadly doc, and Superboy and Robin are the only ones who can save their dads from certain doom! The catch? No one can know it was the boys that saved them.”

Look out for the first issue of this 14-part digit first series December 14th.


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