Face Down Thanos In New ‘Eternals’ #1 Trailer

by James Ferguson

The Eternals comic is now set for release in January as writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribic. take Jack Kirby’s classic creation on a new epic saga. To celebrate this new series reintroducing us to the Eternals characters with new members of the group, Marvel has released a new trailer for the debut issue featuring never-before-seen artwork and covers.

“The joy of Eternals for me is it’s just so much, but it’s also such a clean, accessible book in terms of, “These are people who we’re going to hang around with, they’re fun to be with, and oh my god! They’re in trouble,”’ Gillen told Comic Book Resources. “It does everything I love a Marvel book doing in terms of action, romance, and philosophy of ideas, but it’s also absolutely me coming back to Marvel with the kinds of skills I’ve honed over in indie books like DieThe Wicked & the Divine and Once and Future; that way of thinking about how to make a universe really pop.”

Eternals #1 is set for release on January 6th, 2021.

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