Review: ‘Strange Adventures’ #7 Is Far Out, Man, But Hard to Fathom

by Olly MacNamee


Adam Strange takes a trip; literally and otherwise, in ‘Strange Adventures’ #7. A comic boo of contrast in both styles and subject matter as we witness Adam take on the role of soldier on Earth, while he’s all lots in space in the flashback sequences. Trippy, confusing but certainly an issue that lives up to its title. This really is a strange adventure.


Adam Strange puts on the mantle of war-time solider all too easily in this new issue of Strange Adventures by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner. But then, the Earth is facing an alien invasion from the Pykkts, whom Adam knows all too well. And he doesn’t hesitate either, reminding Batman, and the readers, that he ain’t no superhero, but rather “something else”.

In contrast with this more hardcore Adam Strange we get a very trippy episode as depicted by Shaner, in which Strange is at the mercy of the zeta beams which have the odds effect on him. It’s, like, totally far out and it seems Shaner had great fun drawing this particular issue. Unlike Adam Strange who’s put through the ringer and then some, before revealing to his wife, Alanna, a dreadful secret that goes back to the first issue of this maxi-series. 

It’s a book that reminds us – lest we forget – that to become Rann’s saviour, Adam had to fight as a solider and not as some kind of garishly coloured superhero. It’s certainly a point made often enough in this series thus far, that’s for sure.

It’s also an issue that has us travel to the planet Anthorann – a call back from Strange’s Silver Age beginnings – and the introduction of a character who come off as Shaggy in outer space. And, just like Adam himself, I’m left somewhat confused by the unfolding events of this issue.  

We are now beyond the halfway point of this series and I’m still at a loss as to how this may all wind up. Especially after this issue and the side effects of travelling the zeta beams. Does this have anything to do with Adam’s current state of mind and worries. I wonder? Regardless, It’s an interesting take on his travels through space that’s for sure. And, I don’t intend to read too much into it. I’m just enjoying the ride, man, just enjoying the ride.

Strange Adventures #7 is out now from DC Comics/DC Black Label

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