Hailee Steinfeld Possibly Spotted As Kate Bishop On The Set Of ‘Hawkeye’

by Erik Amaya

This is why Marvel Studios should just confirm credible reports and offer fans an official photo.

Although we typically avoid rumors without substantial confirmation, this video posted by Murphy’s Multiverse appears to reveal Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop on the set of Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye series. Also seemingly seen in the video: Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and a very familiar canine from Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Annie Wu‘s celebrated run on the Hawkeye comic.

And yes, we are sticking “seeming” as the phone camera only offers a fuzzy image.

Since September of 2019, Steinfeld has been linked to the Kate Bishop role thanks to a report by Variety and other trade papers. The actor has denied her involvement for sometime and her commitment to a second season of AppleTV+’s Dickinson cast doubt on whether or not she ever signed a contract with Marvel. The video suggests an agreement was made and, fairly soon, we’ll be calling Steinfeld Hawkeye.

Of course, if she is in fact the dark-haired woman in the video, we will forgive her for the series of denials over the last few months. Even though trade paper reports are almost always as good as an official announcements from studios, they’re not really official. And, every so often, it turns out the talent in those reports cannot close a deal and walk away. It is possible Steinfeld’s deal did not closed until recently or was dependent on scheduling. But now that we’ve apparently seen her on set with Lucky the Pizza Dog and Renner, maybe Marvel will confirm and give us a nice publicity still.

In the series, Clint returns to duty to train a new Hawkeye, but Kate Bishop may prove she needs little help from the former Avenger. Hawkeye is set for a 2022 premiere on Disney+.

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