Oscar Isaac Wins The Role Of Solid Snake In ‘Metal Gear Solid ‘ Film

by Erik Amaya

Sometimes, fancast dreams do come true.

Deadline reports Oscar Isaac will play Solid Snake in Sony’s upcoming adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. The video game series, directed by Hideo Kojima, tells the tale of an elite spy who gets caught up in a sordid scheme of combat mecha, cloning, and viruses across the latter half of the 20th Century. The film, to be directed by Kong: Skull Island‘s Jordan Vogt-Roberts from a script by Derek Connolly is currently in development, but attaching Isaac goes along way to making the film a priority for the studio.

The actor was the Internet’s favorite choice to play the gruff-voiced master of hiding in cardboard boxes since a piece of fanart emerged sometime last year.

Adding Metal Gear to his resume makes Isaac an unique face in nerd media. The actor has appeared in Star Wars, will reportedly star in Marvel’s upcoming Moon Knight series, appears as Duke Leto in next October’s Dune, and is scheduled to star in and produce an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn‘s Ex Machina. That’s a hefty set of credentials. All he needs at this point is a DC role, a Transformers cameo, and a voice part in a My Little Pony project to be the king of geek-focused projects.

Of course, his willingness to be in every IP universe means it is unclear when Metal Gear Solid will go into production. Presumably, Moon Knight will be first, but you never know with these things — especially in the time of COVID.

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