Tapas Media Launches Studio Tapas For Original Webcomics

by James Ferguson

The world of webcomics just got a little bigger as Tapas Media has announced Studio Tapas, a new division focused on producing and publishing original webcomics and novels into other mediums. It already boasts a catalog of more than 70 originals. This is exclusive content wholly-owned by Tapas Media. There are another 30 originals in production slated to launch in 2021.

The first property Studio Tapas will develop is Magical Boy through a partnership with Madison Wells for television and cross-platform. This is the second series Tapas has partnered with Madison Wells on, with the first being Yes, My Boss!, also slated for TV.

“I am pleased to be partnering with Studio Tapas and Corey Sienega to bring Magical Boy to audiences everywhere,” said Madison Wells Founder/Executive Producer Gigi Pritzker.  “This is a story of good vs evil, the importance of legacy, and what it means to come out as a trans teen today – exactly the kind of project we make at Madison Wells.” Rachel Shane and Amanda Morgan Palmer also serve as Executive Producers.

Studio Tapas has appointed Corey Sienega as Head of Business Development where she will oversee film, television, and cross-platform partnerships. “I’m thrilled to have joined Tapas at this inflection point in its growth. With our active reader community spending 115 million minutes a month on Tapas, we offer data-informed stories that you truly can’t find anywhere else,” said Sienega. “At a time when the entertainment community is readily embracing diverse voices, I’m proud to share Tapas’ goal to create valuable partnerships with Hollywood creatives to promote and amplify these unique stories.”

Gabrielle Luu will helm this new division as Head of Studio. She was recently promoted to this newly created position. Luu will direct development and strategy of original series projects while also forging new opportunities for emerging talent through producing stories not only for Tapas, but for its global network of webcomic partners. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to grow with Tapas and our creators,” said Luu. “Studio Tapas continues our mission to find great storytellers and give them the opportunity to develop content that is both personal and relatable to our North American base, and our increasingly global Tapas community.”

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