‘Kingsman’ To Be A Long Term Franchise With At Least Seven More Films

by Erik Amaya

We’ll be honest, after The King’s Man joined the list of film’s to be released simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max, we doubted the series could continue at 20th Century Studios or Disney. Just a few days earlier, we wondered if it would hold onto its February release date. But it seems the Marv Group, the company behind the films, sees a long future for the stylish secret service series.

According to Deadline, company CEO Zygi Kamasa said filmmaker Matthew Vaughn plans “something like seven more Kingsman films.” Beyond Vaughn’s plans, the company is also developing a television series and at least two spinoffs from the main film series.

Kingsman is, of course, based on the comic book by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. The mainline film series stars Taron Egerton as unconventional Kingsman Eggsy. Inducted into the organization by Harry Hart (Colin Firth), he faces existential threats to the realm with nice suits, the occasional gadget, and some street smarts. The upcoming film, The King’s Man, it set decades before Eggsy’s birth and takes viewers back to the group’s earliest days.

The first two films were successful for 20th Century Fox, with the upcoming prequel produced just before the studio’s merger with Disney. But that new corporate parent changes the nature of things. Will they be interested in the Millar/Vaughn vision of comic book movies when they also hold the purse strings on the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It is possible Marv will go elsewhere to keep Kingsman alive. Or, alternatively, the threat of moving elsewhere could keep 20th Century Studios (Fox’s name in the post-Disney reality) in the Kingsman business. Either way, it seems our doubts about the series’ future were premature.

The King’s Man comes to theaters and HBO Max on February 12th.

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