‘The Mapmaker’ Delivers All-Ages High-Seas Adventure This February

by James Ferguson

Scout Comics is heading to the high-seas with The Mapmaker, a new all-ages title set in a parallel Earth during the Age of Discovery. Published under its Scoot! imprint, the comic follows pirates search for a prize of fantastic power wielded by a mysterious individual known only as “The Mapmaker.” Any map he creates comes to life. King Gus wants this power and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. The crew of the privateer ship The Rogue Wave, led by Lei Li are the only one standing in the way. They must deliver the Mapmaker’s successor before his power wanes and it’s lost forever.

The Mapmaker is written by Ben Slabak, illustrated by Francesca Carita, and lettered by HdE.

“The entire team behind The Mapmaker was absolutely thrilled when an opportunity recently arose to sign a publishing deal with Scout Comics, whom I have been following since their early days.” says Slabak. “I have been left impressed with the array of creative talent they have assembled as well as their growing library of some amazing books. I’m really excited to be joining the Scout Comics team and working with them in bringing The Mapmaker to a wider, global audience.”

The Mapmaker kicks off in February 2021.

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