‘Empyre’ Ends & ‘X Of Swords’ Begins On Marvel Unlimited This Month

by James Ferguson

Marvel Unlimited, the digital comics subscription service offering access to over 28,000 issues of Marvel Comics just keeps getting bigger. This month is no different as we see the recent Empyre event come to a close and the prelude and first chapter of X of Swords begin. There’s also the debut of Black Widow, Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, and The Rise of Ultraman, among others. I can recommend Immortal She-Hulk and Black Widow.

Check out the titles below.

Week of December 7

Week of December 14

Week of December 21

Week of December 28

If you’re not a subscriber to Marvel Unlimited yet, you can sign up now using the code “HOLIDAY60” at checkout to receive access for a year for only $60. I use the service pretty regularly to catch up on titles I have missed over the years or dig into a character I’m not familiar with.

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