‘Marvel’s Declassified’ Podcast Premieres Exclusively On SiriusXM

by James Ferguson

As part of its new partnership with SiriusXM, Marvel has launched Declassified, a new non-fiction narrative podcast series. Available exclusively on SiriusXM, the series focuses on the dynamic and evolving history of Marvel Comics as told through a contemporary lens. The first season will have ten episodes and the first one is available now.

Each week, writer and comic book expert Lorraine Cink and journalist and critic Evan Narcisse will delve behind the scenes of Marvel Comics featuring writers, artists, editors, and industry insiders who have shaped Marvel’s storytelling.

The premiere episode of Marvel’s Declassified explores a time when comedy, romance, westerns, sci-fi, and horror defined Marvel’s comics, leading up to the seismic shift that led to the return of super heroes. Other episodes in the first season will cover how New York City became the core of the Marvel Universe, the impact of Marvel Knights, the beginnings of Marvel’s multiverse, war-era comics, and more. It will also look at the societal impact of fandom, representation, and the evolution of some of Marvel’s most iconic characters like Captain America, Black Panther, the Hulk, and Captain Marvel, and what their roles have meant and can mean for Marvel fans around the world.

SiriusXM subscribers with select streaming plans can tune in to Marvel’s Declassified and other exclusive new Marvel podcast series like Marvel/Method and Marvel’s Wastelanders premiering in 2021.

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