World Domination Begins In ‘Maestro: War And Pax’ Trailer

by James Ferguson

Next month sees the debut of Maestro: War and Pax as writer Peter David is joined by artist Javier Pina to continue the tale he and George Perez began decades ago in “Future Imperfect.” How did the Hulk turn into the tyrant Maestro in the far future? This follow-up to the recent Maestro mini-series has the man once known as Bruce Banner taking up the mantle of Maestro and deposing the city of Dystopia’s ancient ruler, commanding in his place. Why stop at one city when he can have the world? Check out the below trailer from Marvel featuring never-before-seen artwork.

“The Maestro has determined that life must go on in the world he’s living in, and that he should be the center of government,” teases writer Peter David.  “He’s consolidating his rule.  He truly believes he’s doing the right thing.  After all, he’s seen what mankind inevitably does if left to its own devices.  He thinks that free will has proven to be a noble experiment but ultimately didn’t work out.  So now it’s time to try something new, and he’s what’s new.  He’s setting up a world where he rules over everything, and to him it’s going to be a world of peace and contentment.  And if some people’s noses are out of joint over it, then they should keep it to themselves.”

Maestro: War and Pax #1 features a main cover by Dale Keown. It’s set for release on January 20th, 2021.

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