Did You Guess Right? DC Comics Reveals Who’s Under The Cowl In ‘Future State: The Next Batman’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

One of the Batman books coming out of the upcoming two-month DC Future State event is Future State:The Next Batman, by John Ridley, Nick Derington and Laura Braga. One of the more anticipated too. And, as has been known for some time now, features a black Batman.

Variant cover for the second issue by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez.

But today saw DC Comics finally owns up to the secret identity of the next Batman officially, revealing it’s going to be Tim Fox, estranged son of Lucius Fox and brother to the former Batwing Luke Fox. Maybe not everyone’s first guess:

“Tim Fox’s first comic book appearance was in Batman #313, April 10, 1979. The character has since been teased in the current Batman line, first as a mention in “Family Ties,” the John Ridley/Olivier Coipel story from September’s Batman: The Joker War Zone anthology. In October’s Batman #101, he also shows up in a conversation between Batman and Lucius Fox, who has since acquired the Wayne fortune and technology as a result of The Joker War.”

To accompany the announcement came the reveal of a variant cover for the second issue by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez.

And as well as featuring in his own title, look out for the next gen Batman in Batman: Black & White #3 (by Ridley and Olivier Coipel) this February too.

Tim Fox’s first comic book appearance: Batman #313 (April 10, 1979)

Future State: The Next Batman #1 is out Tuesday January 5th, 2021 with subsequent issues in this four part series coming out every other week. Don’t forget to put this one on your pull list to avoid disappointment.

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