New Teen Horror ‘Shadecraft’ Coming From Image Comics By Joe Henderson And Lee Garbettt

by Olly MacNamee

Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson and Captain Marvel artist Lee Garbett are releasing a new teen horror series, Shadecraft from Image Comics. Re-teaming the two creators – who previously worked on the Eisner nominated Skyward together – this new series will be coming to stores in March, 2021.

“In ‘Shadecraft’, readers meet Zadie Lu. She’s afraid of her own shadow. She’s also a teenager, so she really should have grown out of it by now… But something weird is happening in her small town — it’s as if the shadows are actually coming to life. Watching her. Maybe even trying to kill her. But how do you fight something you can’t even touch? And why is she the target they’re after?” 

Earlier today Henderson told Comic Book Resources of the announcement:

“To me, shadows are the perfect mixture of horror and fun. One minute, they seem to come to dangerous life out of the corner of my eye. The next, I’m making silly shadow puppets with my son. I love that cocktail of genuine scares and playful adventure, and we’ve infused it into this book. I’ve been wanting to tell a story with shadows coming to life for years, but it took finding the right emotional heart—finding Zadie’s story—for it to finally come together. Welcome to Shadecraft—let’s hope Zadie Lu survives the experience…”

Garbett added his own thoughts on the new book, also speaking with Comic Book Resources:

“With ‘Shadecraft’ we get to play with a darker, more ominous tone than ‘Skyward’ without losing that vital heart and warmth that’s so important to us. This book presented a whole new set of artistic challenges in bringing the shadows to life. I tried to keep things as organic as possible, letting the ink move and grow on the paper to find its own form. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

And, we even get a first look at Shadecraft #1, out on Wednesday, March 31st from Image Comics.

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