Red Planet Pictures To Bring Antony Johnston’s ‘The Exphoria Code’ To Television

by Erik Amaya

Another of Antony Johnston‘s projects will be making its way to screens soon.

Red Planet Pictures announced Thursday that it has acquired the television rights to Johnston’s recent novel, The Exphoria Code. The first in planned series, the book introduces MI6 cyber-espionage specialist Brigitte Sharp, a brilliant but haunted young hacker. While decrypting messages she believes are connected to her best friend’s murder, she discovers a mole inside a top secret Anglo-French military drone project. The situation forces her back into the field after a long stint behind a desk; and as matters get worse, she finds herself along and one the run.

“I couldn’t be more excited to see Brigitte brought to life on screen,” Johnston said in a statement. “She’s a complex, unique character, and Red Planet Pictures are the perfect custodians to do her justice, with a track record that speaks for itself. Bridge is as smart as she is strong, and I can’t wait for viewers to see her in action.”

Belinda Campbell, joint MD of Red Planet Pictures added The Exphoria Code is “a brilliant new take on the world of high stakes espionage” she cannot wait to bring to the screen.

As with all recent announcements, it may take some time for The Exphoria Code to reach screens, but we look forward to the day it becomes available.

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