The ICE-Cast Live: Speaking With Dan Abnett About ‘Vampirella: The Dark Powers’ And More

by Olly MacNamee

Saturday afternoons were on are beginning to shape up nicely. What with our regular round up of posts coming at you in Something for the Weekend, and now this new slot for a podcast I have been delighted to be involved in, The ICE-Cast Live with co-host and founder Shane Chebsey.

In this week’s episode we caught up with Dan Abnett who spoke – and I do mean spoke – about his new Dynamite comic book, Vampirella: The Dark Powers #1 as well as his impressive body of work on the Warhammer novels and a look at Lawless too, an amazing career-defining series in many ways for artist Phil Winslade. All we had t really do was sit back and listen to one of comicdom’s most eloquent and enthusiastic creators.

So, why not stick around and watch Abnett wax lyrical about Vampirella, parallel universes, Project Superpowers and more!

Catch my review of the debut issue here too and you can also catch up and previous editions of the ICE-Cast Live here. And if you like what you see and hear, do consider subscribing and help us grow.

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