Groundbreaking Adult Animation ‘Another Day Of Life’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Another Day of Life combines archival footage with cell-shaded animation to deliver a riveting story about Angola’s civil war in 1975. Distributor GKids continues to find the best international animation and deliver it to a wider audience.

There have been several animated films that explore adult subject matter, however Another Day of Life is in a class of its own. Because the story is based on true events, the violence and conflict have a deeper emotional impact. This is no escapist fantasy that guarantees justice, progress, and closure.

Yet, Another Day of Life isn’t your average war documentary. The use of animation is purposeful and engaging. The depictions of the internal turmoil caused by being in a war zone leads to beautiful nightmare imagery that could only exist in the medium of animation.

Just as the film’s protagonist Ricardo felt compelled to document history as it unfolded, I too, feel as if I’m witnessing a turning point in animated film history. Adult animation is growing ever more expansive and popular every year. The intelligence, nuance, and sheer importance of a film like Another Day of Life proves that animation is limitless.

Another Day of Life is now streaming on Starz.

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