‘Batman: Urban Legends’ Is The New Batman Monthly Anthology From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Batman: Urban Legends is the title of the new 64 page monthly anthology coming out from DC Comics and to feature a host of creators. Like Chip Zdarsky and Eddy Barrows, who will be producing a Batman/Red Hood team-up tale that sees Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood “investigating a new and lethal drug sweeping through Gotham City. In the course of one night, this investigation will change his life forever – and put him in Batman’s crosshairs.”

Cover by Hicham Habchi

Then there’s writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ryan Benjamin who “continue from the pages of Batman #101, as gun-for-hire Cole Cash is still in Gotham, on the trail of the true motives of the Halo Corporation…and yes, Batman and Grifter go head-to-head again!”

Cover by David Finch


“In a story set before the launch of the new ongoing Harley Quinn series, writer Stephanie Phillips and Future State: The Next Batman artist Laura Braga team up to help Harley sort out her complicated history with Poison Ivy – but first she’ll have to find her! 

This debut issue also launches a three-part tale of the Outsiders, courtesy of Future State: Outsiders writer Brandon Thomas with art by Max Dunbar (Marvel’s Champions, Dungeons and Dragons, Judge Dredd). This saga reunites team members Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho, but this reunion quickly turns into a confrontation with the appearance of a figure from Katana’s past!” 

Cover by Kael Ngu

Batman: Urban Legends #1 will be a prestige format series and cost $7.99, coming out Tuesday, March 16, 2021 with covers by Hicham Habchi (main), David Finch (variant) and Kael Ngu (variant).

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