Review: ‘Star Wars’ #9 Reveals A Dangerous Path To Rebellion

by Tony Thornley


A group of Rebels pull off a daring heist in the heat of the Empire


In the grand epic of Star Wars, it would be easy to assume that the entire Rebellion was two massive starfighter battles around Death Stars. One of the best things about the expanded universe has been fleshing out the true cost of that war, which is exactly what Star Wars #9 does…

Cover by Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Rain Beredo

There are so many smaller stories of rebellion that sometimes get lost, but it’s impossible to forget stories like “many Bothans died to get us this information.” Even better it puts spotlights on characters who aren’t Skywalkers or Solos. It’s a Star Wars story told by Charles Soule, Jan Bazaldua, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Clayton Cowles.

The Empire has cracked the Rebellion’s encryption, scattering their fleet and tearing their hope apart. Their only hope may be a plan suggested by C-3PO- stealing a droid with an ancient dead language in its memories. Enter the Pathfinders- an elite group of Rebel spies- and a daring plan that may be the only hope of the fleet…

Soule writes a very fun adventure story here, with a strong heist element. That side of the story works really well. However, there’s also an emotional component that falls flat. One of the protagonists of the story is captured and executed over the course of the story, and the only reaction we see is one of the other protagonists yelling “____ died for this!” several pages later. It comes across fairly empty and hollow.

Bazaldua joins the art team in this issue and she really does a great job. Her characters are extremely emotive, and her figure work drives the story forward. Everyone is dynamic at all times, even when it’s just a group standing and talking. She also makes the non-film characters fit in with Lando, Chewie, Luke, and Leia, something that far too many artists struggle with in Star Wars comics.

The Rebellion is in for a unique fight, and that makes this set-up worth revisiting.

Star Wars #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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