Bad Idea Expand Their Titles By Adding ‘B-Side’ Back-Up Strips

by Olly MacNamee

New comic book publishers Bad Idea are about to add more pages to their upcoming series with all-new back-up strips, or “B-Sides” as they’re calling them.

“Every month, that “B-Side” will feature a standalone, done-in-one dose of high potency comics storytelling unlike anything we’ve published before — new genres, new characters, new concepts. (Some of them could even be a complete out-of-left-field surprise that you won’t see coming. We reserve the right to mess with you.)”

The first back-up strip will appear in Eniac #1 with ‘Save Now’ from writer Matt Kindt, artist Tomas Giorello, and colour artist Diego Rodriguez. Here’s your first look:

Further stories will include ‘Hank Howard, Pizza Detective’ by Robert Venditti, David Lapham and Jose Villarrubia, ‘Monsters in My Life’ by Peter Milligan and Sarah Burrini, ‘The Hero Trade’ by Matt Kindt and David Lapham and ‘Provider’ by Sean Ryan, Khari Evans and Andrew Dalhouse.

And, what’s more, we have a preview of each one of those strips too:

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