Review: ‘American Ronin’ #3 Turns It Around

by Benjamin Hall


The corporations rule all. Seemingly everything and everyone can be bought. But is this totally true or is one man above purchase?


The cover by artist ACO is a little too reliant on one color. However, it does work in terms of creepiness. This is cause the outfit makes it look like the person’s head is going past a natural point. When it comes to text the placement is fine. Though the issue’s numbering could have a thicker, and darker, font.

American Ronin #3 (2020) Cover by ACO.

The interior art is by ACO and Inker David Lorenzo. Unlike the previous issues this issue features both experimental and standard styles of art. Meaning that this issue’s visuals do not overwhelm certain readers senses. Though this is a debatable point for both this issue and the previous ones. As for the inks, they at times combine a little too heavy with the blacks colorist Dean White uses. Although the less experimental pages help create a greater sense of diversity when it comes to the color palette. Overall this issue’s visuals are more of a treat than a hinderance.

Writer Peter Milligan also does a better job with this third issue than issue two. This is mainly due to the fact that it reads like a comic versus a prose novel. Though there are still some problems with the scripting of this issue. One problem is that one small section of this comic has a ‘made for the trade’ type feel about it. This problem becomes larger due to how the issue ends in a way that feels like a continuing series. The first is a minor problem a lot of story arcs and mini-series can face. While the second is a major problem due to how this is a five issue venture from a new publisher, and thus might not get a continuation.

Lastly, letterer Sal Cipriano does a good job in positioning the text. Though some readers might nitpick about the text boxes not fully aligning with the more experimental panels. As for the font styles they feel appropriate to each character or characterization. Yet, some of the sound effects could be more believable, especially in their suggestion of volume. However, it looks like ACO and Lorenzo may be slightly to blame on that front. In conclusion this issue’s quality seems to suggest the next two might be better than the first two.

American Ronin #3 (of 5) is out now from AWA Upshot

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