Review: ‘Miskatonic’ #2 Seems To Have Something To Say

by Benjamin Hall


Miranda Keller and Tom Malone go to investigate bombings in Miskatonic Valley. One believes it to be the work of people. The other believes it to be something otherworldly. Who is right, and will they survive the investigation?


The regular cover is by artist Jeremy Haun and colorist Nick Filardi. It is a creepy, but standard character design. However, the background features some nice design work. While the color palette features a nice selection of pinks and purples. The incentive cover is by artist Tony Harris, and it features a design that evokes certain narrative elements. Though it is debatably too safe a design if one looks at Harris’s past work. Yet, the logo by letterer/designer Dave Sharpe arguably looks better on the incentive cover.

Cover by Jeremy Haun, colors by Nick Filardi, logo by Dave Sharpe

Artist Giorgio Pontrelli does a better job with the sequencing in this issue than the first issue. Although some of the line work could be better at creating the illusion of fabric weight. While the color palette by colorist Pippa Bowland could still use a little more variety. Though too much more of any kind of green would definitely hurt future issues. Despite the flaws in their work Pontrelli and Bowland do a great job at trying to evoke the drab and flash fashions of the period. Not to mention that they achieve success at creating build-up, and a sense of disgust, for the horror scenes.

Writer Mark Sable provides a script that feels better in terms of characterization. Specifically the characters feel like they actually have multiple dimensions to their personalities. There is also a bit more universe-building in this issue which serves to enhance the quality. Letterer Thomas Mauer also enhances the quality of the story by adding a special effect to the first and last text boxes. Also the font is mostly good in terms of placement and size. Nevertheless it is still too soon to say that Sable, and the rest of the creative team, have a horror hit. Yet, it does seem that they have something to say with this issue.

Miskatonic #2 is out now from AfterShock Comics

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