First Look At Snyder And Daniels’ ‘Nocterra’ #1 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

We know all about Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniels ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign fro new book Nocterra, but now Image Comics ave announced when they’ll be releasing the regular debut issue in 2021. And a first look too.

“Ten years after the world is plunged into an everlasting night that turns all living creatures into monstrous shades, the only way to survive is to stay close to artificial light. Here Nocterra introduces Valentina “Val” Riggs, a skilled ferryman who transports people and goods along deadly unlit roads with her heavily illuminated eighteen wheeler.”

And, in case you didn’t know about it already, here; Snyder to let you know more about hs return to creator owned comics:

Nocterra marks my return to solo creator owned work, and it’s a book I’ve been dying to do for years,” said Snyder. “It mixes the horror of my indie series like Wytches and American Vampire with the high-octane stakes of my DC work to bring you something personal, twisted and big, big fun. And I couldn’t ask for a better co-creator on Nocterra than buddy and superstar artist Tony Daniel. His art on this book is next level, and with the amazing Tomeu Morey on colors and Deron Bennett on letters, and Will Dennis editing, we’ve got an all star team steering this wild ride. So get ready for trucks, monsters and mayhem on an epic scale…”

Daniel added:

Nocterra is also marking my return to creator owned comics after a lengthy stint with DC Comics. I’ve been blessed working on characters like Batmanand Deathstroke and Teen Titans, mainly during my career at DC, and now I get to stretch my wings on characters that Scott and I create from scratch. Building these characters and their world, their fight for survival in this dangerous dark world, really makes Nocterra a thrilling project for us. I’ve always wanted to partner with Scott over the years, but the timing was never right, until now. I think we make a super-team who feed off of each other’s enthusiasm and creativity. Nocterra will be a pulse pounding ride for the fans and for us as well!”

All caught up now? Then, look out for Nocterra #1 in stores on Wednesday, March 3rd. Maybe get your copy added to your pull list now to avoid disappointment.

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