The Fastest Man Alive Gets A New Creative Team With ‘The Flash’ #768

by Olly MacNamee
It seems DC Comics are rolling out a whole set of new creator announcements on many of their titles post-Future State with the latest news being that writer Jeremy Adams (SupernaturalJustice League Action, DC Future State’s Black Adam and Black Racer) and artist Brandon Peterson (Future State: The Flash, Superman, Shazam!, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man) will be taking over the adventures of the fastest man alive with The Flash #768.
“Beginning with The Flash #768, after the events spanning from DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the former Kid Flash decides to call it quits: family is more important to Wally West than a connection to the Speed Force. If you love the Flash, and want to hit the ground running for the redemption arc of DC’s favorite speedster, The Flash #768 is the perfect jumping-on point!
In the months following DC’s Future State event, Barry will need his former partner more than ever. Will Barry let Wally walk away? Barry Allen and Wally West must confront the past by way of a Justice League led by Green Arrow. Ollie’s the one person Wally hasn’t talked to since Roy’s death, so pick up The Flash starting in March 2021 and see the Flash Family decide who will carry the Scarlet Speedster legacy towards the future! Will it be Barry? Or Wally?”
Look out for The Flash #768,  Tuesday March 16th from DC Comics

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