‘King In Black’ Comes To A Thunderous Conclusion In March

by Tony Thornley

After months of anticipation, Knull finally hit Earth earlier this month in King in Black #1. In March 2021, the war against Knull comes to an epic conclusion.

Readers were stunned in the first issue, when Knull arrived on Earth and promptly won. Now in the next four issues from Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman, we will see how the Marvel Universe’s heroes can possibly fight back. Looking at that cover for the concluding chapter, it doesn’t look good for Eddie Brock. In March the epic comes to a conclusion that will decide the fate of Venom and all symbiotes, but there’s also some more exciting tie-ins along the way.

In King In Black: Spider-Man Jed MacKay & Michele Bandini chronicle Spidey’s battle through a Knull possessed New York City. The King in Black comes face to face with the King of Hell in King In Black: Ghost Rider by Ed Brisson & Juan Frigeri. King In Black: Scream reveals what could be the key to defeating Knull- Andi Benton and her symbiote other- by Clay McLeod Chapman & Gerry Brown. And Tini Howard & Luciano Vecchio interrupt the honeymoon of the galaxy’s greatest power couple in King In Black: Hulkling & Wiccan!

Check out all the covers in the gallery below and pick them up this March!



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