Preview: Doom Faces His Better Self On An Idyllic Parallel Earth In ‘Doctor Doom’ #10

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colour art by Guru eFX

Lettering by Cory Petit

“‘The Crack of Doom’ concludes… Following a painful self-inflicted disaster on the Moon, Doctor Doom suddenly finds himself back on Earth…but an Earth he recognizes only from dreams and visions, where a very different Victor Von Doom is the benevolent savior and leader of humanity. As our embittered and embattled Doom finally comes face to face with his peaceful alter ego, he’ll be forced to decide: Should he take the lessons of this better world in order to save his own?”

Doctor Doom #10 is out Wednsday 23rd December from Marvel


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