Preview: The Biggest Questions In Power Rangers History Answered In ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ Vol. 8 SC

by Brendan M. Allen

The writing duo of Ryan Parrott and Sina Grace join artists Francesco Mortarino and Eduardo Francisco to answer some of the biggest questions in Power Rangers history in Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 8 SC.

‘The Power Rangers are left reeling after their war with Lord Drakkon – none more affected than Tommy Oliver, formerly the Green Ranger, and now without purpose, until Zordon brings him a new opportunity: to prove he’s worthy of being the all-new White Ranger! Meanwhile, Jason, Trini and Zack must become the new Omega Rangers-even if it means deceiving everyone they hold dear.’ 

Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 8 SC collects issues #25-28 and hits comic book store shelves this Wednesday December 23rd.

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