Something For The Weekend: Your Last Round Up Of The Year

by Olly MacNamee

The year is almost up, and with it being the Christmas weekend next weekend, this will be the last weekend round-up for the current year. So, one last look back at what you’ve been reading before we say goodbye to the shit-show that was 2020 and look forward to a brighter, healthier 2021. We hope.

Here then, for the last time this year, are your ten-to-takeaway from this past week of news, previews and reviews covering comics, TV, games and film:

  1. Let’s start by looking at a few popular comic book reviews shall we? Benjamin Hall reviewed American Ronin #3 here, from Aftershock Comics
  2. And, after our advance review of Home Sick Pilots #1 from Image Comics, Brendan M. Allen took another look at this critically acclaimed new mecha-horror mash-up here.
  3. And, our sneak peek at the second issue for Home Sick Pilots went down well too. Check it out here. Seems the lads have a hit on their hands. Have you read it yet?
  4. Allen also reviewed AfterShock’s one-shot Piecemeal here by Cullen Bunn and Szymon Kudransk. And, speaking of Cullen Bunn, did you catch our exclusive interview with the creator here, discussing how new series, Byte-Sized from AWA Upshot?
  5. Richard Bruton took a look at Neill Cameron’s 2020 365 webcomic this past week, in our new regular weekly column, Webcomics Weekly here. And, he followed that up with an interview with Cameron too (here).
  6. Moving away from reviews, EiC Erik Amaya brought us the news of a new casting for upcoming new TV show, Superman & Lois here.
  7. News of the new Batman anthology, Batman: Urban Legends, came this week, along with new anthologies for Superman and Wonder Woman too.
  8. And in other news, Pennyworth Season 2 debuted last Sunday evening and Rachel Bellwoar brought you her review of the first episode here.
  9. New To You Comics once again makes the list with a look at Bone Parish Vol. 1 here.
  10. Finally, and to try and add some variety to this review heavy list, we’ll leave you with the trailer for Nobody as posted by Tito W. James here. A film starring Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk coming from the creators of John Wick

And, as it’s Christmas, here’s an extra bonus gift from me to you. ‘The Season’s Upon Us’ by the Dropkick Murphy’s. Happy Holidays everyone! And stay safe. If not for yourself, then think of others.


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