Preview: True Love And Friendship Never Die In ‘Ghosted In L.A.’ Vol. 3 SC

by Brendan M. Allen

Sina Grace and illustrator Siobhan Keenan conclude the series that proves true love and friendship never dies with BOOM! Box’s Ghosted In L.A. Vol. 3 SC! 

‘Daphne Walters’ life is complicated enough, living at Rycroft Manor with her ghostly friends and trying to figure out why everyone in LA is always 30 minutes late for everything important. So it’s TOTALLY the perfect time for Daphne to lose one of her new friends, for the mystery of the ghost behind the basement door to be revealed, and for Daphne to decide her entire future, RIGHT? And did we forget to mention that Daphne’s former roommate Michelle plans to exorcise the friendly ghosts from Rycroft? Yeah, there’s that too.’

Ghosted In L.A. Vol. 3 SC collects issues #9-12 of the series and drops this Wednesday, December 23rd. Check out the preview images below.

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