Review: ‘Challenge Of The Super Sons’ #1 Delivers A Welcome Return To Adventure

by James Ferguson


The Super Sons are back with a new pint-sized adventure! What kind of hijinks will the son of Superman and the son of Batman get into next?


One seemingly unintended casualty of the recent events in the Superman titles was the Super Sons. How can you tell the stories of young Jon Kent and Damian Wayne when one of them is an adult? Challenge of the Super Sons takes us back to that time with a younger Superboy and some all new adventures.

This first issue serves largely as a re-introduction to this iteration of the characters. By day, they’re students at the West-Reeve school, but by night, they’re helping people and stopping bad guys. For those keeping track at home, this series picks up shortly after Adventures of the Super Sons ended.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi has not missed a beat with Jon and Damian. Challenge of the Super Sons #1 is full of fun dialogue and great gags. It’s not necessarily a comedy comic, but it will bring a smile to your face.

The dynamic between these two friends is great. Damian is this cocky warrior willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, while Jon is a by-the-book student doing what is right, regardless of the inconvenience. This clash of personalities is what makes this duo so enjoyable to read. A great example of this comes from an investigation Jon has been doing at the school, looking into a cheating scandal. He’s spent weeks performing interviews and digging into it…and Damian solved it in about thirty seconds, stealing all of Jon’s thunder without thinking twice.

My favorite part of Challenge of the Super Sons #1 comes in how these two get about town. It’s not in a sleek Batmobile or plane. Instead, Damian stands on Jon’s back, riding Superboy like a surfboard as the kid flies through the air. Artist Max Raynor is responsible for one of the best panels this year when this first shows up on the page and I love every bit of it. Letterer Rob Leigh has this pair flying into action with some bombastic dialogue.

Raynor perfectly captures the personalities of both characters too. Jon has a wide-eyed optimism while Damian is more suspicious of everything. It’s interesting to see how this differs from their clothing and hairstyles too. Despite being more aloof about school work, Damian is more buttoned up, with hair all in place and clothes just right. Contrast that with Jon, with unkempt hair all over the place and a loose tie in his uniform.

Luis Guerrero’s colors are bright and vibrant, perfect for the tone of this book. It’s welcoming and full of possibility. Even when night falls and shadows loom, Superboy and Robin stand out in warmer shades.

I am so glad to see the Super Sons return. It’s clear we’re just getting started with this new adventure as this new iteration of the World’s Finest is thrown into something big. The question is if they’re prepared for it or not. At the bare minimum, they’re going to get into some trouble.

Challenge of the Super Sons #1 from DC Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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