‘Pennyworth’ Sets March Return

by Erik Amaya

As one of the productions delayed by the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennyworth decided to make the initial four episodes of its second season available this year while delaying the remaining six until 2021. Thankfully, it won’t be too long of a wait, though, as EPIX announced on Tuesday that the program will return in March. They also offered another stylish preview of upcoming episodes.

Jack Bannon stars as Alfred Pennyworth, a former SAS officer who looks great in a sharp suit, carries around a lot of PTSD, and is destined to raise the Bat-man. Ben Aldridge and Emma Paetz co-star as Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, two Americas caught up in the English civil war who also have a destiny together. The series also features Paloma Faith as the irrepressible Bet Sykes and Jason Flemyng as despicable fascist Lord Harwood. The second half of the season will see Simon Manyonda joining up as Lucius Fox.

Despite the go-to jokes about centering a show around Batman’s butler, Pennyworth has distinguished itself by being very, very British and giving Alfie, Thomas, and Martha interesting roles in a reality where the English Civil War took place in the 20th Century instead of the 17th. It is also an interesting study in Alfred himself, whose apparent self-centered ambitions offer a stark contrast to the man who will one day raise Bruce Wayne.

Pennyworth airs Sundays on EPIX.

(h/t TVline)

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