HBO Max Adds Classic ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Series To Lineup

by Erik Amaya

While the release of Wonder Woman 1984 is still a few days away, HBO Max is offering an added incentive to download the app now.

As of today, the 1970s Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter is available on the service. Starting its life on ABC as The New, Original Wonder Woman, the show featured Carter as Diana Prince during her initial journey to the world of man in the war-torn 1940s. After its first year, it moved to CBS, where it aired alongside The Incredible Hulk, the occasional episode of The Amazing Spider-Man — no, really, its broadcast pattern was genuinely odd — and the Dr. Strange TV movie.

On its new network, the show received a new name, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, and a modern (late 1970s) setting. Only Carter and co-star Lyle Waggoner, who played Steve Trevor, remained from the first season cast. It is also this vision of the show which cemented its place in the memories of pop culture and superhero fans. Like so many other ’70s TV shows, the inherent campiness of the decade gives it an added charm.

The program, in all of its incarnations, was available on the DC Universe service since 2018. But as that platform makes the transition to a comics-only future, Wonder Woman joins content like Titans and Young Justice over on WarnerMedia’s preferred streaming app. Hopefully, it will remain there in perpetuity as many HBO Max offerings cycle out to meet contractual obligations put in place long before AT&T bought Warner Bros. for the purposes of this streaming future.

(h/t: Deadline)

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