Review: A Return To Form As We Learn The Ugly Truth In ‘Undiscovered Country’ #11

by Olly MacNamee

As the latest chapter of the road-trip sci-fi saga that is Undiscovered Country comes to a close, the darker side of life in this sealed off America is unleashed. And not for the first time are we reminded that nothing is ever as it seems. Unity included. That, and did anyone really expect a technologically advanced heaven to go unscathed? Not with the Destiny Man on our intrepid explorers trail.

But, it’s not Destiny Man that offers the real horror in this revelatory issue. No, that would be the bio-technology that fuels the innovation of this particular zone, all matter-of-factly explained by Dr Jain – transformed into a mummified monster here – while the other receiving the new found knowledge, like the readers, are shocked by this truth. All in the pursuit of life, liberty and whatever the American Way is in the future. At a very high price. It would seem the cold colour palette provided throughout this particular adventure across  America, by Matt Wilson, was an appropriate choice. A sterile landscape that seems to have lost its way in its blinding task of keeping the whole zone safe and “civilised”. 

The horror of the adventurers real status only dawns on them, as it does on us, at the very end of this issue. What seemed to be a beacon of hope is revealed to have a rotting heart and a rotting corpse to lord over it all too. All illusion. It’ll be interesting to see how they get out of this one.

Charles Soule and Scott Snyder really keep the twists coming in this tense issue – a huge improvement on the previous issue – while Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi’s art is back to its best, and doesn’t feel rushed as it did last issue. It’s good to see this seers back on its tracks and delivering on both the shocks, twists and psychological horror.

Undiscovered Country #11 is out now from Image Comics


A return to form for this newest issue of ‘Undiscovered Country’. The real horror of our road-tripping rescuers is revealed and their situation has just got a whole lot worse.


Olly MacNamee

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