Review: ‘Klaus: The Life & Times Of Santa Claus’ Turns The North Pole Epic

by Tony Thornley


Santa Claus continues his superheroic adventures in this new collection.


There’s no denying that Santa Claus is a mythic figure. Many cultures have their version of Santa- Sinterklauss, Father Christmas, even Odin himself- so turning him into a fantasy hero is a natural step. Klaus: The Life & Times Of Santa Claus continues BOOM! Studios’ take of that unexpected concept.

Five years ago, the world was introduced to the god-like warrior Klaus. Now Boom’s new collection of the character’s one-shot tales has hit, with two unexpected but very fun stories. The series is created by Grant Morrison, Dan Mora, and Ed Dukeshire.

In Klaus and the Crying Snowman, Klaus and his Santa allies are joined by Sam, the titular snowman, to defend the world from invasion. Can the duo team-up to stop literal Ragnarok? And in Klaus and the Life and Times of Joe Christmas, we learn about Klaus’s interaction with Joe Christmas, a young pulp hero who may become the embodiment of what today’s world thinks is Santa.

This is a perfect Christmas time read. Though it doesn’t quite hit the heights of the original limited series, it’s a lot of fun. The Crying Snowman is the stronger of the two, with a fantasy action story that feels like a Superman or Thor story, and full of the hallmark’s of Morrison’s work. Joe Christmas is interesting, but largely feels like Morrison presenting a cavalcade of their best ideas in a series of single page gags and teases. It’s a twenty-five page story that you’d like to see turn into at least dozen different full length stories.

Mora’s artwork is exceptional, especially as Morrison steps back for Joe Christmas and lets him go crazy. He’s able to nail the grand scope of the adventure, but convey the compassion and love that powers Klaus. His designs for Surtr and the Midgard Serpent are stunning and are visually distinct from Marvel’s takes on the legendary creatures. He also fills the story with exciting layouts that keep the eyes engaged the entire read.

If you’ve never read Klaus before, do yourself a favor and pick this up. It’s easily accessible and an exciting read. Go back and pick up the previous volumes too. They’re worth your time.

Klaus: The Life & Times Of Santa Claus is available now from Boom! Studios.

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