Flight Of The Vampire: ‘American Vampire 1976’ #4 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Rafael Albuquerque
Colour art by Dave McCaig
Letters by Steve Wands

“Key clues and coordinates in hand, the rogue branches of the VMS reunite for a final mission that could unlock the secret to taking down The Beast. On their journey to find answers about a pact between America’s Founding Fathers and an ancient counsel of monsters, the whole team — Skinner, Pearl, Book, Felicia, Travis, and Cal — realize they’ll need to confront their own complicated personal pasts before they have a hope of correcting world history. Back at the White House, the Gray Trader’s secret associate, Bixby, wrestles with his allegiance to evil and makes a final decision about the president’s fate.”

American Vampire 1976 #4 is out Tuesday 12th January 2021 from DC Comics/DC Black Label

American Vampire 1976 #4American Vampire 1976 #4FutureAmerican Vampire 1976 #4 State: Swamp Thing (2021-2021) #1

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