Spidey Gets A New Costume In March’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #62

by James Ferguson

Spider-Man has had a variety of costumes over the years and not just the famous black suit. Peter Parker has sported everything from a cyborg arm to space armor to the red Iron Spider. This March, he’s adding something new to his wardrobe in Amazing Spider-Man #62. Marvel has released the below teaser, with a promise to reveal more next week.

Spider-Man needs the new suit following the traumatic events of “Sin’s Rising” as he prepares for a faceoff against Kingpin. I guess that means Kindred has been dealt with by that point? Who knows?

Amazing Spider-Man #62 is written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Patrick Gleason. It features a main cover by Gleason and a design variant cover by Dustin Weaver. It’s set for release on March 24th, 2021.

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