Review: Wonder Woman Is In Danger In ‘Challenge Of The Super Sons’ #3

by James Ferguson


The Doom Scroll picks Wonder Woman as its next target and the Super Sons must save her life before time runs out!


After saving the Flash from certain death, the Super Sons head to Washington DC to do the same for Wonder Woman. The Doom Scroll has targeted the Amazonian warrior next and only Robin and Superboy can prevent her untimely demise. They’ll have to figure out how she’s in danger and put a stop to it without Wonder Woman finding out.

It’s still unclear as to why Jon and Damian are doing this. There feels like there was a chapter missing somewhere. Hopefully that will be cleared up with the issue as it was teased we’re going to the past. That’s a weird way to structure a story, but there’s more than enough fun and adventure to go around to keep Challenge of the Super Sons #3 entertaining.

The banter between Superboy and Robin will never get old. Writer Peter J. Tomasi gets these characters. He understands what makes them tick and what makes their friendship work. This makes me a little sad that we don’t have them like this in the current DC Universe, but if we get more stories like this, I’m all for it.

What’s particularly striking is how these two try to act like their fathers. Damian is cool and collected, willing to do anything needed in order to complete the mission. Meanwhile, Jon is so very innocent, looking at what is right first and foremost, even if that means putting himself in harm’s way. The funny part comes in that they’re still just kids so they are figuring out the world. That provides a unique perspective on the ways of Batman and Superman.

Artist Max Raynor knocks it out of the park with this issue. The action was already great, however things are kicked up a notch when Wonder Woman shows up. Her very presence demands authority, even if she’s somewhat of a background player. The threat to her life is every bit as intimidating and monstrous as you’d need to take down a warrior like her.

When this creature first shows up, it’s like something out of a horror movie. Colorist Luis Guerrero plays up the shadows well, especially with this layout as the monster emerges behind an unsuspecting Superboy. The colors immediately change on the next page as the battle begins, going from the dark of the night to an electric explosion of energy.

This being comes from myth and legend and letterer Rob Leigh shows it with a classic-looking font. It conveys an ancient power that is very fitting here.

While I’m still unsure as to the origins of the Doom Scroll and what Superboy and Robin have to do with it, I’m still greatly enjoying this series. I’m hopeful that some of these plot details will become clearer as the story continues. In the meantime, I’m content with the adventure and excitement these two characters bring out in each other.

Challenge of the Super Sons #3 from DC Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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