New ‘WandaVision’ Ad Features Sitcom-Style Theme Song

by Erik Amaya

They’re an unusual couple. Anyone with a passing familiarity with the Scarlet Witch and Vision from the comics know that. But it seems whatever is happening to Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will play into her odd relationship status during the course of WandaVision. And thanks to the theme song featured in this ad for the series, everyone will else will know they’re unusual as well.

Wanda and Vision (Paul Bettany) are not the only unusual things in the series as their idyllic, sitcom life appears to be under constant assault by the most recent decades, color television, and beekeepers? Indeed, even the theme song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez will change across the series’ nine episodes. “We loved the bright feeling of American sitcoms mixed with the deep sense of unease the story had,” Lopez said in a statement. “It was a really inviting challenge to help set that tone.”

Of course, that sense of unease may leave you wondering what is happening to Wanda. Has something placed her in a sitcom land or are her powers doing all of this? Fans of the comics know the Scarlet Witch can and will alter reality, but it is also possible some outside force may be behind Vision’s sudden resurrection. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too much longer to unravel the mystery as WandaVision begins its nine-week Disney+ run on January 15th.

Erik Amaya

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