Get A Glimpse Of Peach Momoko’s Demon Days Saga In A ‘King In Black’ #4 Bonus Story

by Tony Thornley

Last month we got our first glimpse of Peach Momoko’s upcoming Demon Days from Marvel, a completely new Marvel Universe inspired by Japanese culture. Now it appears we’ll be able to check it out much sooner than we expected.

In the back of February’s King In Black #4, Momoko will introduce this universe in a new 6 page short. This exciting tale will introduce readers to Momoko’s take on Psylocke, Emma Frost, and the unstoppable Juggernaut!

“A dream come true. Not only did Marvel offer me to do interiors, but to do everything myself and tell a Marvel story like no other. A ‘Momoko-verse’ was born,” Momoko said in an interview with “Because I love Yokai stories, horror, Japanese folktales, classic samurai tales… I wanted to tackle as much as possible using these concepts with Marvel characters and make something Marvel fans can still appreciate but also bring it in a fresh direction.”

Pick up King In Black #4 in February to check out the introduction to this new universe, and Demon Days: X-Men in March!

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