Louise & Walter Simonson Return To X-Factor In ‘X-Men Legends’ #3

by James Ferguson

Creators Louise and Walter Simonson are going back to the original X-Factor this April with X-Men Legends #3. They’ll tell an all-new, in-continuity story set during their run on X-Factor starring the original X-Men. This will take place just before X-Factor #43. After defeating Apocalypse, the team now uses the mysterious sentient spaceship, Ship as their base of operations. When it begins to malfunction, they’ll realize Apocalypse’s true plans are just beginning to unfold.

X-Men Legends revisits key runs throughout the history of the X titles, featuring the legendary creators that worked on them to tie up loose ends and uncover hidden truths to shake up the past, present, and future.

X-Men Legends #3 is written by Louise Simonson and illustrated by Walter Simonson. It’s set for release in April 2021.

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