Review: ‘Future State: Wonder Woman’ #1 Is A Great, Fun Read That Fuses Latin Mythology With Greek

by Olly MacNamee


A wonderfully fun book with great characters, great artwork and great dialogue. Whatever you thought this book would be, it isn’t. Yara Flor, the newest Wonder Woman, protects the Amazonian Rainforests with a little help from the other mythical and mystical creatures of the forest. But, a trip to Hades was never going to be a smooth ride, was it?


Even before this new future Wonder Woman appeared in print, we had news that this Amazonian (Rainforest) Princess was destined for the small screen. Albeit with the new moniker of Wonder Girl. Making Future State: Wonder Woman #1 one of the hotter titles around, one would imagine. No pressure then on Jöelle Jones to establish this new hero, her surroundings and backstory in just a couple of issues, right? But, on the strength of this first issue, she certainly establishes this Wonder Woman pretty effectively and very much makes her her own woman too with an emerging supporting cast of weird and wonderful characters to match. This is a very, very probing debut coming out of DC Future State. I have no doubt we will be seeing plenty more of this new female fury in the near future.

The setting may be radically different to that of her namesake’s own origins, but there are telltale similarities too. It may be a very Latin American setting, but that doesn’t stop mythological sized monsters from attack. And then there’s the references to the gods meedling in human affairs. And not JUST the Greek gods honoured by the Amazonians, but their Latin American counterparts too. It’s definitely a Wonder Woman you’ll recognise, just with added Latin American spice. In this book the inclusion of such mythologies is certainly a creative well rich for inspiration. And helps establish this new Wonder Woman different to her predecessor.

Yara Flor – out new Wonder Woman of the near-future – not only battles mythical monsters, but meets mythical beings too on her travels through this lush landscape. The standout character being Caipora, a Brazilian wood nymph of sometimes smoker (although here we learn this one has given u the filthy habit) and mischievous child-like character who helps Yara enter Hades.

And that’s when it gets even more entertaining, fun and wonderfully odd!

I won’t spoil it all, but this very modern entrance into Hades, and the events that occur from that point onward wonderfully juxtaposes Yara Flor’s more serious character with humour. Dante had the very dour Virgil to guide him through Purgatory while Wonder Woman has a mischievous imp as her guide. It makes for a very surreal but sensational issue, that’s for sure. Definitely NOT what I was expecting one bit from this title. And, it’s not often a comic can surprise this jaded reader these days. Not with so many voices online happy to spoil the slightest revelation whatsoever. It can be bleeding frustrating that’s for sure.

The whole issue is a bright, upbeat, beautifully illustrated affair (I could look at Jones’s depiction of horses alone all day long). If the TV execs do this right, they wouldn’t go too far wrong with following Jones’s lead on this one and making use of as many elements from this book as possible.

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 is the fusion food of comic books with its winning mix of both Greek and Latin American mythology with added silliness too. And with that cheeky companion of hers along for the ride, felt a little bit like an updated Little Nemo in Slumberland to me. A comic I didn’t expect to love so much making it another 10/10 issue for me this week!

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 is out now from DC Comics

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