The JSA Takes Center Stage In Next DC Animated Movie ‘Justice Society: World War II’

by Erik Amaya

The Justice Society of America is finally getting a film of its own.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice Society: World War II will be the next animated film in the DC Universe Movies direct-to-video range. It will feature the voices of Stana Katic as Wonder Woman and Doom Patrol‘s Matt Bomer as the Flash. Additional voices include Elysia Rotaru as Black Canary, Chris Diamantopoulos as Steve Trevor, Omid Abtahi as Hawkman, Matthew Mercer as Hourman, Armen Taylor as Jay Garrick, Liam McIntyre as Aquaman, Ashleigh LaThrop as Iris West, Geoffrey Arend as Charles Halstead/Advisor, Keith Ferguson as Dr. Fate and Darin De Paul as Roosevelt.

Those looking closely may notice a Jay Garrick and “The Flash” in the cast list. The appearance of LaThrop as Iris West suggests Bomer will play Barry Allen and the couple will make their way to the 1940s. It a good way to frame the story as sending Barry to the JSA’s time is a DC tradition. As THR notes, Justice Society will be the first film in the range’s 42-movie history to center on the Golden Age heroes. It also appears to be part of an ongoing initiative to give the JSA a bigger spotlight. The team was revived in a modern context during the recent season of Stargirl and various JSAers will appear in the upcoming Black Adam feature film. As far as transmedia coordination goes, the JSA seems to be lucky recipient of organized corporate synergy.

Guardians of the Galaxy TV series episode helmer Jeff Wamester serves as director with Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams on scripting duties. DC animation veteran Butch Lukic is the supervising producer while Jim Krieg and Kimberly S. Moreau serve as producers.

It is unclear when the film will come out, but considering the regular cycle of DC animated movies — Batman: Soul of the Dragon is due for release next week — expect it in the not too distant future.

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