Art For Art’s Sake #86 : Welcome To 2021, Welcome To Neo Tokyo

by Richard Bruton

Okay, so the world didn’t end in 2020… congratulations one and all, we made it into January. Now, whilst we’re waiting to see quite what this New Year throws at us, let’s settle down in the back, pull up a chair,  and enjoy the latest look through the world of sequential arts… it’s Art For Art’s Sake.

Jeremy Treece – Spider-Woman

Jesse Hamm – Dr Strange

Jarod Rosello

Jake Wyatt – Ms Marvel

Kaare Andrews

Alan Davis – Inhumans

Bruce Timm – HP Lovecraft

Hercules Vs Iron Man + a lil’ Ant-Man – Bob Layton commission

Hellboy Vs The Scooby Gang – Theamat

Hellboy again – this time by Max Fiumara

And a third… this one by Alex Maleev

Sara Pichelli – Gwen Stacy

Art Adams – Groot and Rocket

Darwyn Cooke – Catwoman

Another Darwyn Cooke, this time the cover to Jonah Hex 50

Alison Bechdel

Otto Schmidt – Batman Joker

Matt Wagner – Batman & Grendel

And we shall end it all with a classic bit of Manga, Katsuhiro Otomo’s magnificent epic. You can hear the roar of the bikes around Neo Tokyo already…

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