This Is The ‘Way Of X’ Coming From Marvel This April

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s red hot X-Men line has somehow continued to find a way to expand, and each new entry is as exciting as the last. Now, Nightcrawler takes center stage in the latest new addition to the line- April’s Way of X.

Spinning out of the events of X-Men, particularly the violent reveal of the Crucible, writer Si Spurrier and artist Bob Quinn, with color artist Java Tartaglia, take Nightcrawler on a journey in the April-debuting series. accompanied by B-list X-Men mainstays and fan-favorites like Pixie, Blink, Dr. Nemesis and Loa, Kurt Wagner explores the dark side of the mutant utopia of Krakoa. It’s a journey of faith, violence, science and bamfing.

Way of X #1 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Spurrier says “I should probably just tell a lie for the sake of a neat elevator pitch and say that Way of X is a story about the creation of a new mutant religion. But it’s not – not really. That’s kinda where it starts, for sure. Nightcrawler realises something’s wrong with the hearts and minds of mutantkind and sets out to fix it. But as he quickly discovers, this isn’t a job for priests and prayers … The question is, what do they have to become in order to fight it? Preachers? Cops? Executioners? Or something entirely new?

Way of X is a smart, psychedelic tale about faith, science, culture, love and law. And Bamfing. Bamfing just for the joy of it.”

Rising star Quinn is just as excited to launch the series. “I’m incredibly excited that Marvel gave me the opportunity to launch a new X-Men series with Si,” Quinn said. “Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-Men, and he along with the recent developments in the X-Men universe really gives us the opportunity to explore some pretty wild concepts and ideas. Bringing them to life is really a dream come true. Si is a great storyteller and this story gives X-Men fans something they’ve never seen before.”

This is a story that fans have been anxiously looking forward to since it’s been hinted at in early issues of the X-Men relaunch. Now with creators like Spurrier and Quinn attached, there’s a lot to look forward to. 

Watch for more information before the series launches, check out pages from the first issue below, and pick up Way of X when it drops in April!



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