Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds To The Attack on The Capital With Conan’s Sword

by Tito W. James

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to give an impassioned speech about coming together after the attack on the US Capital. I feel it’s best to let Mr. Schwarzenegger’s words speak for themselves and the video is well worth watching until the end.

I know that many geeks of all stripes are shaken by current events and are wondering what to do. I would strongly encourage every creator to channel their feelings into art. Stories are a way we can empathize with those who do not look or think the way we do. It’s away to turn negative emotions into something positive.

I would remind everyone that the superhero genre was born from a time of economic depression and political upheaval. It’s up to the next generation of storytellers to create new heroes and genres that can help us imagine and aspire to a better world.

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